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Richard Dunn

Dunn Environmental Inspections specializes in environmental consulting services throughout the State of Connecticut.  Richard Dunn and Dunn Environmental Inspections have been providing quality environmental services since 1986.  Dunn Environmental Inspections, Inc enjoys a reputation base in customer service and common sense. 


Dunn Environmental Inspections will always provide independent consulting and testing services.  Dunn Environmental Inspections works well with contractors, State Inspectors, and other consultants around the State of Connecticut. While remaining independent and without affiliation.


Expert Consulting: Dunn Environmental Inspections uses independent certified laboratories to conduct sample analysis. Dunn Environmental Inspections is fully licensed and insured to provide environmental consulting and testing services. Dunn Environmental Inspections uses independent laboratories that are accredited by the State of Connecticut to provide asbestos analysis and are accredited by AIHA to provide mold sample analysis.


Company History: Incorporated in 2004 as Dunn Environmental Inspections, LLC.  Dunn Environmental Inspections, Inc has a proven track record of successfully providing, asbestos inspections, design and remediation oversight services, mold inspections, indoor air quality testing.  Pre-Demolition, and Pre-Renovation Asbestos Inspection Services. Environmental testing after fire and flood damage.  Dunn Environmental Inspections provides services to residential, commercial, and municipal clients.



Let Dunn Environmental Inspections, Inc. be of Service to You.

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