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Dunn Environmental Inspections, Inc. currently uses two types of formaldehyde testing:


Formaldehyde Gas Tube Detectors and Passive Monitors.


Testing can be Fast, and Easy with Formaldehyde Gas Tube Detectors.  Accurate results will be between 0.05 parts per million, and 1500 parts per million. Results in fifteen minutes.  The Formaldehyde Gas Tube detector will detect Formaldehyde as low as 0.03 ppm, but not accurately.


Passive Badge Samplers can get accurate sample results as low 0.2 parts per billion, when the test badge is left in place for seven days.  With a 24 hour sampling period we can get accurate results as low as 2 parts per billion.  Once the sample is collected it is shipped overnight to the laboratory.  Turn around time from the laboratory and pricing can be chosen between "same day" if you are in a hurry for results, or up to "two weeks" if you would like to save some money.


The Connecticut Formaldehyde in Homes Guidelines suggest a Maximum Concentration of 40 ppb. 


Parts Per Million = ppm

Parts Per Billion = ppb


0.001ppm = 1ppb

0.01ppm = 10ppb

0.1ppm = 100ppb

1.0ppm = 1000ppb


CT Guidelines of 40ppb = 0.04ppm

Gas tube results as low as 0.05 ppm or 50 ppb


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